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What's New: June 2011

dead zone image

Major flooding on the Mississippi river predicted to cause largest Gulf of Mexico dead zone ever recorded

The Gulf of Mexico's hypoxic zone is predicted to be the largest ever recorded due to extreme flooding of the Mississippi River this spring, according to an annual forecast by a team of NOAA-supported scientists from the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, Louisiana State University and the University of Michigan. The forecast is based on Mississippi River nutrient inputs compiled annually by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). More...

monk seal

Dangerous Toxin Discovered in Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal

Researchers from NOAA have discovered a potent and highly-debilitating toxin in the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, a first-of-its-kind chemical finding that is now prompting investigations of other marine mammals in the state. More...

Channel Islands

World Ocean Day 2011

Thanks to all of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers for submitting photos in celebration of World Ocean Day 2011.We received over 400 photos from people all around the world! View our gallery of selected photos or browse through all of the images on Flickr. More...

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New NOS Mobile Website

A new mobile version of the National Ocean Service's website delivers news, audio, video, Ocean Facts, and more straight to you smartphone. The NOS mobile site is the fastest and easiest way to get NOS information when you're on the go. More...