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NOAA Joins EcoZone Green Schools Initiative

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John H. Dunnigan, NOS Assistant Administrator, announced NOAA's participation in the EcoZone® Green Schools Initiative at the public launch of the joint EcoMedia-CBS venture on Oct. 1.

NOS recently joined the EcoZone® Green Schools Initiative, a public-private environmental outreach and education effort sponsored by EcoMedia and the CBS Corporation.

At the launch of the project in Miami on Oct. 1, John H. Dunnigan, NOS Assistant Administrator, stressed the importance of NOAA participation in innovative, collaborative efforts such as the Green Schools Initiative.

The Green Schools Initiative will begin as pilot projects in Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago, with the purpose of doing “green” makeovers on area schools. 

Part of the initiative is a competition that will result in one school receiving a green makeover valued at over $100,000. Other prizes will also be awarded, and a sustainable environmental program will be provided for schools in the participating cities.

NOAA will serve on a panel to select the winning schools in early 2009. Mr. Dunnigan sees the project as a unique way to carry NOAA's message forward to new audiences through creative venues.

In addition to playing a role in the EcoZone® Initiative, NOAA also serves as one of many agency and nonprofit organizations that advise EcoMedia on how to best reinvest in nonprofit environmental projects and efforts. By acting as representative to the EcoZone® Board of Directors, NOAA is able to connect with bricks and mortar projects creating on-the-ground results.

EcoMedia sells green-focused advertising, then reinvests up to 50 percent of profits back into local community projects. EcoZone® is a national public-private partnership spearheaded by EcoMedia that helps cities, counties, and states support environmental projects and initiatives related to air and water quality, energy conservation, and the preservation of parks and green space, at no additional cost to taxpayers.

NOAA is the first federal partner to join this innovative partnership.