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NOAA Launches New Web-based Tide Prediction Tool

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Eastport, Maine is one of nearly 3,000 locations around the nation where you can get predicted tides for the day, week, month, or year of your choosing.

tide stations on the West Coast

Choose a tide station using a Google® Map application or Google® Earth. You can also find tide stations near you the old-fashioned way: text-search by state, station name, ID, or latitude/longitude.

NOAA Tide Predictions is a new web-based tool that provides free, user-friendly access to official U.S. tide predictions for nearly 3,000 locations around the nation.

Whether you are a professional mariner or a casual boater, you can take advantage of the application to get customized, reliable, and accurate tide predictions.

Once you find the data you need, you can take it with you. Customized tide tables are available for download in either XML or plain text format. The data may also be exported for print.

While the main goal of the service is to ensure navigational safety and promote the efficient transport of goods, services, and people throughout the nation's Maritime Transportation System, the data is available for anyone needing to know what the tides will be for any given future day, week, month, or year.

Tide Predictions is a service of NOAA's Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services.

Power User? Read On

The tide prediction tool offers many advanced options for many locations around the U.S., including the ability to select from one of six different datums, to choose data intervals for the associated tables, and to select threshold values relative to a user-defined threshold value. Users may also choose between feet and meters, and select the time in AM/PM or 24-Hour format. More details about the tool and how to use it are available on the Tide Predictions application help page.