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What's New: July 2013

NOAA's biogeographic assessment of offshore New York provides baseline habitat and bathymetry data for offshore energy planning efforts.

NOAA Study Helps Identify Wind Energy Development Sites in New York

Recently, the state of New York released the New York Department of State Offshore Atlantic Ocean Study describing the physical, biological, wildlife, and geographic characteristics of the offshore Atlantic Ocean adjacent to New York. This study, with significant contribution from NOAA, lays the groundwork for selecting suitable sites for offshore wind energy development. More...

A NOAA team recently collected 14 metric tons of fishing gear, plastic, and other debris from the shoreline and waters around Midway Atoll. The collected debris consisted largely of derelict fishing gear and all sorts of plastic.

NOAA Removes an '18-Wheeler's Worth' of Debris from Mid-Pacific Waters

A team of divers and oceanographers from the Coral Reef Ecosystem Division of NOAA's Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center recently removed 14 metric tons (~31,000 pounds) of debris from the near-shore environment around Midway Atoll. The tiny island, located 3,218 km (2,000 miles) from the Hawaiian mainland, played a pivotal role as a U.S. Navy base during World War II, and is now part of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. More...

Satellite image of the 2011 bloom (the most severe in decades). Credit: MERIS/NASA; processed by NOAA/NOS/NCCOS

Significant Harmful Algal Bloom Predicted in Western Lake Erie for Summer 2013

NOAA and research partners predict that the 2013 western Lake Erie harmful algal bloom (HAB) season will have a significant bloom of cyanobacteria, a toxic blue-green algae, this summer. The predicted bloom is expected to be larger than last year, but considerably less than the record-setting 2011 bloom. More...