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NOS FY 2013 Budget Request Summary

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Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Highlights

On February 13, the President released the fiscal year (FY) 2013 budget request, which includes $478.1 million for the National Ocean Service (NOS). The NOS request reflects a net decrease of $11.9 million from the FY 2012 estimated budget.

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This budget request supports the highest priority and most essential services for coastal communities and the nation. NOS will continue to create solutions to improve coastal management and science-based services and strengthen place-based initiatives to reduce the vulnerability of coastal communities to risks.

  • Integrated Ocean Observing System +$6.6M: Funding for IOOS includes $10M for the research and development of marine sensor technology that will innovate the monitoring of coastal weather and ecosystems.
  • Enhance NOAA's Natural Resource Damage Assessment Capacity +$2M: to expedite the restoration process at damaged sites subject to Natural Resource Damage Assessments. Some of these cases represent hundreds of millions of dollars in potential settlements—a substantial investment in habitat restoration across the Nation.
  • National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Competitive Research +$2M: to support extramural competitive, peer reviewed interdisciplinary research investigations with finite life cycles focused on priority coastal ecosystem issues. NOAA will continue to focus on the highest priority research projects including harmful algal blooms, hypoxia, and coastal ecosystem research.
  • Regional Ocean Partnerships +$0.5M: to expand a targeted grant program to advance regional ocean management through support for regional ocean partnerships. Support will continue for key priority actions identified in the plans of existing regional ocean partnerships, as well as the development and implementation of place-based ocean management plans in other regions.
  • Mapping and Charting Base -$2.3M: to terminate NOAA's Navigation Response Teams. NOAA will pursue opportunities to provide technical assistance to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which has the authority to fund the assessment of navigational hazards associated with Presidentially-declared disasters.
  • NOS Procurement, Acquisition and Construction -$8M: to discontinue construction projects for the National Estuary Research Reserve System (NERRS, $1M) and the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries ($4M), and to terminate funding for the Coastal Estuarine Land and Conservation Program (CELCP, $3M). CELCP provides state and local governments with matching funds to purchase ecologically significant coastal and estuarine lands, or conservation easements on such lands, from willing property owners.
  • National Estuarine Research Reserve System -$2.7M: to end the NERRS Graduate Research Fellowship Program, which currently supports 1-2 Ph.D. or master's students at every reserve and decrease the federal share of the funding to each of the 28 reserves across the U.S. NERRS will continue their commitment of providing long-term research, education, and coastal stewardship.

NOS FY 2013 Budget Request
($ in Millions)


FY 2011 Enacted

FY 2012 Estimate

FY 2013 Request

FY 2013 Request vs.
FY 2012 Estimate

ORF $475.5 $459.4 $458.5 ($0.9)
PAC $19.4 $8.0 $0 ($8.0)
Other $18.6 $22.6 $19.6 ($3.0)
TOTAL $513.5 $490.0 $478.1 ($11.9)

ORF = Operations, Research, and Facilities

PAC = Procurement, Acquisition, and Construction