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Glider Asset Map


New Map Tracks Underwater Robotic Vehicles and Delivers Historical Marine Data

March 16, 2012
screenshot of Glider Asset Map

A new map shows users the locations of gliders at sea.

Want to take a virtual ride in our oceans with an underwater robot, also known as a glider? There is a new map for that. The U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®) recently launched a new map that displays where partner gliders are currently patrolling and where they've been.

The map provides users with one-stop access to a current snapshot of where gliders are located at sea. Once a glider returns from a mission, users can scroll over visualizations of collected data. Additionally, users can retrieve an historical collection of data from previous missions, reaching back to 2005.

"Eventually, this site will provide access to glider data for all IOOS regions and their partners, which will allow scientists easier retrieval of data to inform models and forecasting tools," said Zdenka Willis, U.S. IOOS Program Director. "It is an initial step toward establishing baseline standards for glider operations and data."


IOOS delivers the data and information decision makers need to take action to improve safety, enhance the economy and protect the environment. These data provide a larger picture of the interaction between the ocean and global climate systems and advance our understanding of potential climate change impacts on our marine ecosystems and coastal communities.