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Uniting Kids Through Art and Science

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On June 11, hundreds of children from Washington, DC, descended on the National Mall to learn about the importance of protecting our nation’s watersheds through art.

This was the first event for an ambitious new five-year program called FOCUS (Forests, Ocean, Climate, and Us), a nationwide environmental art and educational campaign. FOCUS seeks to better educate people of all ages on the significance of water, forests, oceans, and climate change, inspiring all of us to become better stewards of our precious water resources.

The kickoff event featured over 200 local elementary and middle school art students painting a series of murals with marine life artist Wyland. Each of the murals thematically explored the interconnectivity of water from the forests to the sea, as well as issues related to climate change.

FOCUS is a new partnership between NOAA, the U.S. Forest Service, the National Aquarium, and Wyland.  Never before have these organizations worked together on a project quite like this. The unique contributions of each partner will help to bridge the worlds of art and science…to develop an environmentally literate society.