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Athos Spill Cleanup: Map Description

This is a map of the Delaware River and the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. The map shows the location of the Athos I oil tanker accident, which occurred near Philadelphia in November, 2004. The oil spilled during this accident traveled from the accident site all the way to Delaware Bay. The map shows heavy oiling (leaked oil from the vessel) surrounding the accident. The amount of oil accumulation decreases north and south of the accident along the Delaware River.

The map also shows ten preferred restoration areas that will soon undergo a public review process. Choose a link below to learn more about the restoration projects at each of the ten sites:

1. Shoreline restoration at Lardner's Point, Philadelphia, Pa.

2. Dam removals and stream habitat restoration at Darby Creek, Pa.

3. Freshwater tidal wetland restoration at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Pa.

4. Trail improvements at Little Tinicum Island, Pa.

5. A rock jetty restoration at Augustine, Del.

6. Marsh, meadow, and grassland restoration at Mad Horse Creek, N.J.

7. Boat ramp restoration at Stow Creek, N.J.

8. Habitat restoration at Blackbird Reserve Wildlife Area, Del.

9. Oyster reef creation project in Delaware Bay, Del.

10. Oyster reef creation project in Delaware Bay, N.J.