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NOS Update: Helping Communities Rebuild and Recover from Sandy

February 25, 2013
damage to beach homes following Hurricane Sandy

While Hurricane Sandy is long over, the communities hit by the massive storm will be rebuilding and recovering for years to come. To aid in this effort, staff from throughout the National Ocean Service (NOS) are working in partnership with federal, state, and local partners to deliver coastal science, management, and operational expertise.

NOS has unique expertise in protecting coastal and estuarine habitat, reducing marine debris, and providing navigation, coastal mapping, observing, monitoring, and high-accuracy geospatial positioning services. In combination with our decision support, technical assistance, and training activities, NOS provides a suite of resources and tools to aid recovery.

house and flooded street

Integrated Coastal Management

NOS leads coastal management efforts across the nation and is the primary conduit for data and services at NOAA to support informed coastal decision making. NOS, in partnership with offices across NOAA and with local, state, and other federal agencies, works to help rebuild more resilient and sustainable coastal communities that can adapt to and better mitigate the impacts of coastal hazards.

satellite image of Hurricane Sandy

NOS On-the-Ground Network

NOS staff are located in the region and have long-standing relationships with all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, private sector, and academia. NOS staff work with federal partners, port authorities, pilots, and local governments to conduct surveys that detect underwater obstructions and marine debris, and ensure safe navigation is maintained without duplicative work.

aerial image of flooding following Hurricane Sandy

NOS Data, Services, Training, and Technical Assistance

NOS provides a range of data, information, tools, training, and technical assistance to support coastal management. As one example, in conjunction with governmental and non-governmental counterparts, NOS is already taking steps to compile socioeconomic information and conduct analyses to improve communication of risk and vulnerability, evaluate the costs and benefits of potential solutions, and inform decisions about rebuilding, economic development, and protection and restoration of coastal ecosystems.

house and flooded street

Baseline, Science-Based Services

From establishing geospatial heights to charting, mapping, and measuring sea level to conducting flights to collect high-resolution, geo-referenced imagery following a disaster, NOS provides baseline data to underpin and inform sound, science-based decision making for a more resilience future.