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Celebrate the Ocean

Join us as we celebrate all that our world ocean has to offer during National Ocean Month.

Week 1 Our Amazing Ocean.

Dive into our amazing ocean as we kick-off this month-long celebration. From research to protected areas to coral reef communities, learn about the wonders of our ocean.

Marine Debris

Week 2 Marine Debris.

Take action against the global problem of marine debris. Learn more about where marine debris comes from, its impacts on marine life, and why there is so much plastic.

Ocean Life

Week 3 Ocean Life.

Explore some of the marine life that call the ocean their home.

Ocean Awareness

Week 4 Ocean Awareness.

Be prepared for situations you may face on our coasts including rip currents, beach dangers, or sea level rise. The National Ocean Service has tools and information to make your next outing an enjoyable one.