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What Does Tidal Flooding Look Like?

Animation shows the causes of and strategies to help communities impacted by tidal flooding.

tidal flooding animation screen shot

Impacts of tidal flooding to one coastal community.

Tidal flooding is on the rise, but communities can start planning now to lessen its negative impacts. Click on the image to view the video (external link).

It can be difficult to visualize the types of impacts a community may see following a tidal flooding event. To help users better understand such a scenario, the NOAA Coastal Services Center has produced a short animated video on tidal flooding impacts. This video is aimed at helping users visualize the impacts of tidal flooding, understand the aggravating factors, and learn ways to lessen those impacts within their coastal communities.

One section of the video outlines a variety of adaptation strategies, such as restoring green space or relocating buildings. It also highlights specific strategies adopted by several real-life communities to lessen their flood-related problems.

Sea level rise is one contributor to the increase in tidal flooding. Many tide gauges indicate a rise in sea levels (calculated over a 100-year period) that varies from six inches to more than two feet, depending on location. Added factors such as extreme high tides, heavy rains, and coastal development can make tidal flooding even worse and may result in water on roadways, diverted traffic, economic losses, and structural damage.