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Features: September 2011

children planting garden

As NOAA Planet Stewards, Educators Take Small Steps to Reduce a Large 'Carbon Footprint'

Did someone ever really say that one person can’t make a difference? Consider the efforts of 61 talented educators involved in NOAA’s Planet Stewards Program, which aims to increase teachers’ and students’ understanding of essential climate concepts and give them ready access to reliable scientific information. More...

satellite image of Hurricane Irene

NOS Online Hurricane Tools

The National Ocean Service maintains a wide range of online tools to monitor hurricanes and deliver relevant data before, during, and after a storm. These tools are described below. More...

cargo ship going under a bridge

An Inch of Water: What's It Worth?

An inch of water. Doesn't sound like much. But did you know that having an extra inch of water to pass through can allow a ship to load and carry an additional 58,000 pairs of athletic shoes valued at more than $5 million? More...

USS Lehigh Crew

The Cat in the Turret 'Comes Back'

When a recent New York Times article on the Monitor inspired some commentary on the NOS Facebook page, one fan wondered, “Did they ever find the cat that was supposed to be inside the turret?” A mystery worth pursuing! More...