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Features: May 2009

Using positioning to measure a dam

Of Seconds & Centimeters: How South Carolina Positioned Itself at the Forefront of Global Positioning

NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS) develops and maintains a national system of positioning data needed for a range of applications, from navigation to mapping and construction. NGS's activities set the standards for other states to build their own statewide positioning networks. South Carolina is one state that is successfully pushing the limits of global positioning.



Sampling oysters

The National Ocean Service: Responding to Hurricanes

A hurricane has just ravaged the coast. Homes are damaged or destroyed. Family members are searching for loved ones. Ports are closed due to unknown hazards in surrounding waterways. Damaged vessels and chemical containers are leaking potentially hazardous material into the water. And in the background, without much bravado or fanfare, NOS has sprung in to action, working to get things moving again…responding in the aftermath of the storm.



Climate Change Research Used to Educate the Next Generation of Ocean Scientists

The U.S. Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (GLOBEC) program is making it possible for today’s students to learn about cutting edge climate change research that will prepare them for careers in this growing scientific field. By making scientific advances known and training young scientists in modeling techniques developed, U.S. GLOBEC is educating the workforce of tomorrow to tackle the daunting problems associated with climate change and the oceans.