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Features: July 2010

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Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration

Each year, oil and toxic chemicals from ships, pipelines, and hazardous waste sites contaminate our nation's coastal waters. Sometimes, we see large spills that capture the attention of the public with immediate and obvious impacts such as oiled shorelines or closed fisheries. Sometimes, the impacts, such as declines in wildlife reproduction, are more subtle or take much longer to become apparent. But the injury to our coastal resources is always something to take seriously.


sea turtle

Waterlife: Sea Turtles and the Quest to Nest

NOAA's National Ocean Service and National Marine Fisheries Service launched the second online educational game in the WaterLife series, “Sea Turtles and the Quest to Nest.” The Web-based game encourages and explains loggerhead sea turtle conservation through a series of games and animations aimed at fourth through seventh grade students.


Hand planting switch grass

NOAA Restoration Day 2010

More than 170 NOAA employees and partners from the Environmental Protection Agency, Oyster Recovery Partnership, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources recently spent a day away from their offices to participate in the seventh annual NOAA Restoration Day. Organized by the National Ocean Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service, this day is one of the largest voluntary federal employee-sponsored environmental stewardship events in the Chesapeake Bay watershed region.