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Features: May 2013

old surveying equipment

The Fascinating Science of Surveying: Yesterday and Today

Some early illustrations amassed by NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS)—the oldest part of NOAA, with historic roots in President Thomas Jefferson’s 1807 Survey of the Coast—now reside in the Treasures of the NOAA Library Collection in Silver Spring, Maryland. The hand-drawn renderings in this slide show are intriguing, informative, and evoke an exciting era when scientific inquiry came to the fore. More...

Lardner's Point, Philadelphia

Urban Renewal: Lardner's Point Transformed from Blight to Jewel

Urban waterfronts are eyesores in many cities around the nation, often littered with abandoned buildings, debris, and crumbling concrete. That's what Lardner's Point in Philadelphia looked like just a few years ago. Today, with partial funding from the Athos oil spill settlement, the rubble-strewn shoreline of Lardner's Point is a lively waterfront public park with restored wetlands. More...

a snorkeler in the ocean

30 Days of Oceans

We're counting down to June 8, World Ocean Day! Join the countdown and help us share the message that together we can protect our ocean. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Pinterest!