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Ocean Facts

Answers to your questions about our oceans and coasts.

What is a Rossby wave?

What is a tide gauge?

What is a catcher beach?

What is a King Tide?

What is the difference between local sea level and global sea level?

Where do I get real-time and forecast coastal conditions?

How does sea ice affect global climate?

What is the Pineapple Express?

How are satellites used to observe the ocean?

What is an oil seep?

Why do scientists measure sea surface temperature?

What is an oil spill trajectory?

What is marine biogeography?

What is the Forchhammer's Principle?

What is a NOAA tide table?

How does NOAA help clean up oil and chemical spills?

What is a maritime forest?

What is a High Seas Forecast?

What is a bight?

What is a thermocline?

What is HAZMAT?

What is an ocean glider?

How does NOAA monitor water levels around the nation?

What is a marsh organ?

What is a turbidity current?

What is an Operational Forecast System?

Why does the ocean have waves?

What is blue carbon?

What is PORTSĀ®?

What is nuisance flooding?

What are the horse latitudes?

What is bombogenesis?

What is the International Date Line?

What is an anchialine pool?

What is a hurricane?

Why do we name tropical storms?

What is a seiche?

What is ocean acidification?

What is LIDAR?

What is the difference between storm surge and storm tide?

What is the difference between a hurricane watch and a warning?

What is the difference between an AUV and a ROV?

What is the difference between a nautical mile and a knot?

What is 'Old Sow'?

What is sea foam?

How big is the Atlantic Ocean?

What is the cryosphere?

What is the geoid?

What is Digital Coast?

What is the Storm QuickLook?

What is the difference between weather and climate?

Could a hurricane make a large oil spill worse?

Is there gold in the ocean?

How can you tell the difference between an oil slick and an algal bloom?

How did the Hawaiian Islands form?

How much of the ocean have we explored?

How does pressure change with ocean depth?

What is the EEZ?

What is a navigation response team?

Why is the ocean salty, but rivers flowing into it are not?

Why does the ocean get colder at depth?

What is an eddy?

What is the difference between a hurricane, a cyclone, and a typhoon?

What is a waterspout?

What is a tidal wave?

Is sea level the same all across the ocean?

How is ocean observing data used?

Where is all of the Earth's water?

Did I find a lost underwater civilization?

What is remote sensing?

What is IOOS?

What are El Nino and La Nina?

How is sea level rise related to climate change?

What does an oceanographer do?

How fast is the Gulf Stream?

What is a rogue wave?

Where is the highest tide?

How far does light travel in the ocean?

What is a sonar?

What role does the ocean play in the weather?

Is sea level rising?

What is the longest mountain range on earth?

What is a benthic habitat map?

How deep is the ocean?