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Answers to your questions about our oceans and coasts.

What does the ocean have to do with human health?

What is a catcher beach?

How are satellites used to observe the ocean?

What is a sea lamprey?

What is an oil seep?

What are beach advisories and beach closures?

What are microplastics?

How does land-based pollution threaten coral reefs?

Can a coral reef recover from bleaching and other stressful events?

How does overfishing affect coral reefs?

How does climate change affect coral reefs?

How does NOAA help clean up oil and chemical spills?

What is HAZMAT?

How do natural disasters contribute to marine debris?

What is spat?

What is blue carbon?

What is nuisance flooding?

What are PBDEs?

When Was the First Earth Day?

What is a fish ladder?

What's the difference between a threatened and endangered species?

Why are scientists concerned about Asian tiger shrimp?

What is sea foam?

How do we forecast harmful algal blooms?

What is a turkeyfish?

What is ghostfishing?

Could a hurricane make a large oil spill worse?

Why are aquatic plants so important?

What is lightering?

What is Natural Resource Damage Assessment?

What threats do seabirds face?

What is an invasive species?

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

How do sanctuaries protect marine life?

Why do we study PCBs if they were banned in 1979?

What threats do coastal communities face?

Are all algal blooms harmful?

What are PCBs?

What is the difference between land cover and land use?

What is nutrient pollution?

What is resilience?

What is an environmental sensitivity index map?

What is a dead zone?

What can I do to protect coral reefs?

What is "smart growth"?

Is change important to estuaries?

Are lionfish a threat to Atlantic Ocean fish?

What is marine debris?

Can marine debris degrade on its own in the environment?

What does peanut butter have to do with the ocean?

What is coastal zone management?

What do coral reefs have to do with medicine?

Why do Harmful Algal Blooms occur?

What is a red tide?

What is the biggest source of ocean pollution?

How do coral reefs protect life and property?