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An Audience-Focused Approach to Climate Communication, Education and Engagement

During this webinar David Herring, Director of Communication and Education for NOAA's Climate Program Office, discussed lessons learned from social scientists about the American public’s perception of climate change, and how these lessons learned translated into the design of NOAA's Climate.gov Web portal; provided a brief tour of Climate.gov with highlights of useful resources to educators; and how viewers can complement their use of online content with audience engagement.

David Herring
David Herring

David Herring is a science writer and editor with extensive experience communicating about climate and Earth system science. In March 2008, David joined NOAA’s Climate Program Office where he serves as Director of Communication and Education. He also serves as Program Manager of NOAA's Climate.gov Web Portal (www.climate.gov) and leads the Climate Literacy Objective for NOAA's Climate Mission Goal. Before coming to NOAA, David worked for 16 years in the Earth Sciences Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, where he served as Project Manager for Education and Outreach, team leader for NASA's Earth Observatory (earthobservatory.nasa.gov), and the Terra satellite mission’s Outreach Coordinator. David trained in journalism, science education, and science and technical communication at East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC, where he received his Masters Degree in 1992.