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Developing-Inquiry Based Earth Systems Education Activities With NOAA View!

NOAA curates a treasure trove of environmental data, but one that is not always easily accessed, especially for educational purposes. Traditional data portals in NOAA require knowledge of specific observation platform names, models, and analyses, along with nomenclature for variable outputs. NOAA View attempts to remedy this. The NOAA View portal provides a seamless entry point into data from across the agency: satellite, climate models, in-situ analysis, etc. NOAA View is really a data exploration tool, with an archive of variables that visually describe processes on land and in the ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere, and climate system. The system allows the user to browse, animate, and download high resolution imagery, Google Earth, and will eventually allow dataset comparison, graphing and access to proxy data files.

 Dan Pisut

Dan Pisut

At the time of this broadcast, Dan Pisut was the program manager of the NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab.. Dan has used his background in environmental research and secondary education to create scientific visualizations that simplified complex topics and were impactful to the viewer. As a writer, producer, and director, Dan oversaw the conceptualization and execution of visualizations in consultation with scientific experts at NOAA. His team’s visualizations and data services have routinely been incorporated into classrooms, museum exhibits, primetime news coverage, and award-winning documentaries around the world.

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