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Nautical charts help us:

  • Know where we are
  • Know where we want to go
  • Know how to get there


Sea Floor Mapping

NOAA  safety seagull

NOAA  safety seagull

Great Job!

  • You found the GOLD RING.
  • You learned about NAUTICAL CHARTS.


Did You Know?

Here is Information for Safe Sailing:

bulletNautical and Marine Books

bulletOrdering a Nautical Chart

bulletCharting Symbols: NOAA’s Chart Number 1

bulletSignal Flags 

bulletNotice to Mariners
A weekly publication by the U.S. Coast Guard telling mariners about important changes to nautical charts.

  • These notices tell the mariners when there are newly discovered wrecks and obstructions under the water.
  • They warn mariners that there may be people and equipment in the water when new bridges and marinas are being built.
  • They even tell mariners when a buoy or light needs to be moved, added, or deleted from a chart.

Go to to see an example of a real notice to mariners.

bulletInformation about rocks, wrecks, and obstructions is available at




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