Climate Systems - Which Location Is Best For Me?

Student Worksheet #1: Climate

Part 1: Did you know that the climates of the world are divided into six major categories? Do you know what the categories are and where they are located? Go to this NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency) Web site to complete the chart below:(the first one has been done for you)

 A: Tropical 15°-25° Average temperatures=64°F
Annual precipitation=59”
















Use the climate map on this webpage to find the state you live in and record the climate category:

MY STATE: ________________________

Find three states that have different climates and record below:

STATE:_____________________CLIMATE CATEGORY:_______________________

STATE:_____________________CLIMATE CATEGORY:_______________________

STATE:_____________________CLIMATE CATEGORY:_______________________

Part 2:

  1. Go to: to find the Annual Mean Daily Temperature for the cities in the chart below. Record the Annual Mean Daily Temperatures on the data chart.
  2. Next, Go to: to find the Annual Mean Total Precipitation for the cities. Record the Annual Mean Total Precipitation on the data chart.
  3. When you have recorded the temperature and precipitation for each city, think about which city you would like to visit and rate each city according to your preference.

City Annual Mean
Annual Mean
#1 Choice, #2 Choice
#3 Choice, #4 Choice
 Your City, State:      
 Galveston, Texas      
 Burlington, Vermont      
 Burlington, Vermont      
 San Francisco, California      
 Miami, Florida      

Climate Systems - Which Location Is Best For Me?

Student Worksheet #2: Climate


You will need the climate data sheets from Worksheet #1 to complete this task.

Challenge: You are employed as a climatologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) in your city. Your role is to work with your team to set up weather stations that record the daily weather for your region throughout the year and compile annual climate data reports. Your supervisor has just notified you that your team is being transferred from your current city to one of these cities:

Part 1: Using the temperature and precipitation data from the “What’s The Climate?” table, create a graph that illustrates the data:


Part 2: Your team must now decide which city you will relocate to first, second, third, and fourth. Your length of stay in each location is approximately two years. Using the graph above, write a detailed report for your supervisor stating your choices and provide detailed explanations to support your decision.


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