Student Inquiry Worksheet


  1. What is SAV?

  2. List at least five benefits that SAV provides to humans and other species:

  3. Why are the presence, abundance, diversity, and health of SAV considered to be primary indicators of the health of the Chesapeake Bay?

  4. How do estimates of historic SAV coverage in the Chesapeake Bay compare with coverage in the Bay in 1978?

  5. What change in the Chesapeake Bay environment caused the decline of SAV in the Bay?

  6. What two factors have the greatest effect on the amount of light that reaches SAV?

  7. How do these factors act to reduce the amount of light that reaches SAV?

  8. What human activities affect these two factors?

  9. List three aquatic animals that use SAV for habitat.

  10. What strategies are used to help restore SAV to the Chesapeake Bay?

  11. How can individuals help protect and restore SAV?


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