The Iron Cheesebox

Student Worksheet - U.S.S. Monitor Subject Review

  1. What was the length of the U.S.S. Monitor?

  2. What caused the Monitor to sink?

  3. How long was it from the time the Monitor sank to the time its wreck was discovered?

  4. How large is the protected area in the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary?

  5. List five options that were identified for preserving the Monitor.

  6. What oceanographic factors at the Monitor wreck site contribute to corrosion of the ship?

  7. How would encapsulation help preserve the Monitor?

  8. What is cathodic protection, and why does it work?

  9. What is “archeological conservation”?

  10. Why is it important that iron artifacts from marine archeological sites are not allowed to dry out?

  11. What is “galvanic cleaning?”

  12. What is “electrolytic reduction?”

  13. Once an artifact is cleaned, what further steps are needed to complete the conservation process?

  14. How much time was required for conservation of the Monitor’s anchor and brass signal lantern?

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