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Tijuana River NERR Student Worksheet

Begin research for the following questions at . You will need to locate additional resources to answer questions 8 through 14.

  1. What are three primary purposes for which National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRs) are established?
  2. Where is the Tijuana River NERR located?
  3. Where is most of the watershed that drains into the Tijuana River NERR?
  4. What major urban areas surround the Tijuana River NERR?
  5. Name seven natural habitats found within the Tijuana River NERR.
  6. What recent discovery in the Tijuana River NERR provides insight into local history and ecology?
  7. This discovery concerns what culture?
  8. How long has this culture been present in the area now included within the Tijuana River NERR?
  9. What was the approximate geographic range of this culture?
  10. According to beliefs within this culture, what was the origin of the first people of this group?
  11. What milestone events in the history of this culture took place in 1542; 1769; 1775; 1821; 1848; 1852; 1924; 1952
  12. Describe relationships between this culture and Spain, Mexico, and the United States.
  13. In addition to murder and slavery, what other factor played a major role in reducing the population of California Indians from 150,000 in 1845 to less than 16,000 in 1900? (Hint: find out what happened to Juan Antonio, a chief from the Sand Bernardino region)
  14. How are the Kumeyaay currently shaping the future for their children?

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