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National Ocean Service Blogs

Acting Assistant Administrator Nicole LeBouef
From the Desk of the National Ocean Service (NOS) Assistant Administrator

This blog offers monthly news, updates, and perspectives from the National Ocean Service Assistant Administrator, along with periodic posts from NOS guest authors.

Coast Survey: Nation's Nautical Chart Maker
Coast Survey: Nation's Nautical Chart Maker

Coast Survey creates and updates charts of the U.S. coast, publishes the United States Coast Pilot, and responds to navigational emergencies in U.S. waters and at our nation's ports.

Marine Debris
Marine Debris

Keep the sea free of debris! This blog, from NOAA's Marine Debris Program, is part of a national and international effort focusing on identifying, reducing, and preventing debris in the marine environment.

Office for Coastal Management: GeoZone
Office for Coastal Management: GeoZone

NOAA's Digital Coast provides data, tools, training, and resources for coastal managers. Get answers from Digital Coast experts to frequently asked questions on topics from lidar data, to tool use, and more within this blog.

Response and Restoration
Response and Restoration

NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration develops scientific solutions to marine pollution. On this blog, scientists and staff discuss how NOAA deals with marine debris, responds to spills of oil and other hazardous waste, and works to restore the environment after spills.

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A blog, short for 'web log,' is an easy-to-update website or webpage where authors write regular entries in a diary-like format.

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