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2024 Public Service Recognition Week

6 May 2024

In this video message, NOS Deputy Assistant Administrator for Navigation, Observations, and Positioning, Rachael Dempsey, honors the workforce during Public Service Recognition Week. (Video Transcript)

Rachael A. Dempsey
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Navigation, Observations, and Positioning
National Ocean Service

Video Transcript

Public Service Recognition Week honors the contributions of federal, state, county, and local government employees throughout the United States.

Answering the call to public service shows a selfless devotion to the nation, a desire for a career that is meaningful and impactful, and a yearning to be a part of something that contributes to the public good.

As a member of the National Ocean Service leadership team, I am honored to work with, and support the incredible group of talented and mission-driven professionals that make up our organization.

As the premier coastal and ocean science agency,

  • we produce data integral to safe and efficient maritime transportation and commerce;

  • we also provide expert scientific support and response to environmental threats; we manage marine protected areas;

  • and we work directly with regional and local managers to help communities prepare for the future.

Our mission is carried out by a diverse workforce that spans a wide range of occupations:

  • scientists, administrative professionals, information technology specialists, communicators, grants managers, emergency responders, and contract specialists

  • — and this is just a small sample of the wide variety of experts on the NOS team!

As stewards of our ocean and coasts, we serve as protectors, educators, and interpreters. We connect sound science and service to the public. Our work touches the lives of so many people in our country — in fact, most Americans can’t go a single day without eating, wearing, or using something that comes from or through our coastal communities.

Our success as an organization is a direct reflection of your dedication to the mission and your passion for service. You are recognized, you are valued, and you are celebrated — both during Public Service Recognition Week, and every day.

Thank you all for your service.

Assistant Administrator Portrait

Rachael A. Dempsey
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Navigation, Observations, and Positioning
National Ocean Service

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