Measurements and Data: Links for Teachers

Of Tides and Time

Tide data can be charted to reveal rhythmic patterns over time. Gather your own tide data and see if you can make predictions on when the next new moon will occur.

17.4 Theory of Ocean Tides

This page documents some how tides are important to science and commerce. It explains tide potential giving mathematical formulas and answers important questions regarding tides and explores some unanswered questions.

Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS®)

Page provides an overview of PORTS, its history, its objectives and links real-time data for commerce, science and personal safety

The National Water Level Program (NWLP) and the National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON)

An information page about two programs for safety on National waters this page links to real time information from tide stations, great lakes stations and high/low tide predictions and maps.

Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network

Information page about TCOON, its history and purpose;gateway to real time information sites Links to CBI, TX A&M, DNR


A site with real-time information for the US Coast. Map is interactive in that one can choose a wide array of complex options to display.

How are Tides Measured? - The New System

Site discusses how tides are measure today and advances in technology that make calculations more accurate and real-time.

Tides Online

Main page provides links to real time tide and current information and maps

Do You Need a Map?

This page is a complete lesson plan on the importance of marine navigation and science in today's world.


This page is a gateway to lessons and support materials for teachers to develop a curriculum on the causes and impact of tides

The Importance of Monitoring the Tides and Their Currents

This page is part of a series on Tides and Water levels.

Data in the Classroom

Lesson plan on understanding sea level using real data. The plans/activities are graduated to 5 levels, each level requiring information learned in previous one(s). Links to NOAA sites containing real-time data.

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