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Summary of Estimated Annual Benefits from Tampa Bay PORTS®

This PDF file is the published findings of a case study at Tampa Bay, FL of agencies that used and did not use the PORTS® and the results measured in economic gain or loss.

Drawing Lines In The Water

Explores the complexities of ocean ownership and how countries draw boundaries and the need for regulation.


This 132 page PDF is a detailed look at tidal datums. It provides a glossary of terms and acronyms

OCEANS Into the Next Millennium of Oceanographic Research

This 10 page PDF explores the Oceans as an essential part of life on this unique planet. It describes biodiversity and the challenges to maintain the oceanic environments due to human activities.


This page is a gateway to lessons and support materials for teachers to develop a curriculum on the causes and impact of tides

The Importance of Monitoring the Tides and Their Currents

This page is part of a series on Tides and Water levels.

How [Do] Currents Affect Our Lives?

This tutorial deals with how currents can be measured and forecast to enhance safety of commerce, recreation, clean-up and search and rescue missions on the ocean.

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