Ecosystems: Links for Students

Tides in shallow seas and estuaries

A review of tide-producing forces and their impact

Corals - Natural Threats to Coral Reefs

A tutoral on Coral Reefs, the threats and biology of coral reefs, as well as conservation and protection

NOAA Esturaries

A tutorial on the geography, composition and definition of estuaries.

NOAA's State of the Coast: Ecosystems

Page discusses rating of and ecological threats to USA Coastline(s)

Intertidal Biome

This page defines the intertidal zone and discusses common organisms/vegetation found at different tidal levels.

Islands in The Stream 2001

This site provides details about and information gathered by the 2001 Islands in The Steam Mission.

Monterey Bay

Brief paragraph regarding challenges to organisms in the intertidal zone with image/photo of Monterey Bay. Links to the NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries page, a rich educational resource.

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