Climate Change: Links for Students

Coastal Sensitivity to Sea-Level Rise: A Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region

A 320 page report providing up to 1/2009 assessments of climate change science.

Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Habitats of the Chesapeake Bay: A Summary

This page presents how global warming will affect sea level, habitats and corresponding life in the Chesapeake Bay for the next one hundred years.

Global Climate Change: NASA's Eyes on the Earth Sea Level

This site monitors all factors of global climate change from space providing real time data and supporting NASA's role in monitoring global climate change

Sea level rise

This site corroborates the impact of climate change on sea level and predicts future changes based on satellite altimeters; provides real time data

Mean Sea level rise

A graph of the sea level data since January 1993 showing a continual rise; caption for graph explains the impact of this phenomenon Provides links for a wide array of multimedia and real time data.

Sea Level Change

Explains the importance of sea level tracking and has links to real time data and simulations

El Nino Southern Oscillation

A gateway to information regarding El Nino including historical info, current conditions, expert discussions and Educational Materials.

Sea Level Rise Maps

This is an interactive global map produced by echograms and radar datasets Links to educational resources.

NASA Oceanography

NASA explains why and how they explore the oceans giving many interesting facts on data collection. Site is a gateway to educational materials.

Climate Change and Sea Level

This site uses maps from USGS and gives an overview of factors that make a coastline susceptible to sea level rise. There are links to information on how the maps were made and how to use them.

South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project

An in depth look at an Australian project monitoring the coastline to assess sea level rise and its impact. Gateway to extensive resources.

Ocean Currents and Climate

Change in ocean currents effects a change in the global climate patterns. This study lesson shows the history and details of this discovery

Invesitgating El Niño Using Real Data

This page is a guide that contains five activities related to El Nino and that uses real data. Has a downloadable teachers guide and questions with material.

Is Sea Level Rising?

From the report accepted by working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change but not approved in detail, this one page PDF file answers the frequent question "is sea level rising?

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