What is Climate: Links for Students

Climate Timeline Information Tool

How has climate changed over the last hundred or thousand years? Learn about each time period with Overview, Science, History, and Resources sections. The Tutorial includes activities, and Data Access lets you search the numbers yourself.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment, Data Sources

The Oceans' Role in Climate

The author argues that the role of the ocean in climate research has been underestimated, and needs to be better understood if we are to predict climate change in the future.
Features: Misconceptions 

Introduction to Paleoclimatology

How do we know what the Earth's climate was like before recorded history? There are clues, and they form the basis for a branch of meteorology called paleoclimatology. In studying climate change, understanding the Earth's cyclical past is essential.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

Abrupt Climate Change

Several authors from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, proposes that climate change is not gradual, and that abrupt shifts may occur due to changes in ocean current patterns.
Features: Misconceptions

Crystal Ball – Climate Change

This article, developed by ABC News is a quick overview of the pressing issues and effects of climate change. The Pentagon's advisement that the largest threat to America is climate change was a driver for development of this story.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Global Climate Modeling—The EdGCM Cooperative

Want to get your hands dirty working with Global Climate Modeling data? Generally not accessible or comprehensible by teachers, NASA developed EdGCM software to allow access to climate data. A comprehensive, powerful web site.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials

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