Earth's Energy Source: Links for Students

The Virtual Sun

Take a virtual tour of the sun and learn about its physical features. You will see images and animations of solar flares, sun spots, magnetic fields, and solar eclipses, as well as learn about the science behind the sun and its influence on the solar system.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials 

A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

Looking for a great place to start in your investigation of Earth's energy source, the Sun? This site is loaded with content, links, and more.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Sun's Heat Powers Weather

How does the sun power our weather? This simple animation and description provide the answer to this critical concept in meteorology.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Science with NOAA Research: Solar Events

Solar events cause geomagnetic storms that can interfere with radio transmission, satellite reception, and airplane communications. Knowing about the storms, their effects, and how we can predict them, can help us in many ways worldwide.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment&

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