Convection In the Atmosphere: Links for Students

Remote Sensing Urban Heat Islands

Identify how cities heat up more than rural areas using this interactive Web application.
Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia 

Sea Breezes

See why a sea breeze occurs at the beach during a warm summer day. This Web site has an explanation with good graphics and links to information about land breezes.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Forces and Winds: Online Meteorology

The purpose of this module is to introduce pressure, how it changes with height, and the importance of high-and low-pressure systems. In addition, this module introduces the pressure gradient, Coriolis forces, and their role in generating wind.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia 

Observe How Air Pressure Affects a Rising Balloon

Try this interactive animation exploring how the height of a hot-air balloon influences both its volume and external air pressure.

Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia

The Atmosphere in Motion: Air Pressure, Forces, and Winds

An extensive introduction to atmospheric motion, this Web page is a set of animated lecture notes for a college meteorology class. Many concepts, along with embedded quiz questions, can be used by secondary school students and teachers.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment

Wind on Oahu: An Exploration

In this self-directed module, students analyze graphics, data, and animations to interpret wind and weather conditions on Oahu, an island in Hawaii. An excellent learning tool provided by TERC.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment

Bad Coriolis (Bad Meteorology)

Learn about the Coriolis effect.
Features: Misconceptions 

Hurricane Glossary

A glossary of commonly used hurricane terms.

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