The Water Cycle: Links for Teachers

Effect of the Sun's Energy on the Ocean and Atmosphere

How does the Earth interact with the energy it receives from the sun? Is our planet in radioactive balance? Calculate the Earth's radioactive budget using satellite data collected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Earth Radiation Budget Experiment.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Inquiry Materials

Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth—The Water Cycle

Beautifully written and composed web site. Interactive, well-presented, and consistent in its presentation.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia

National Estuarine Reserves Lesson Plan: For the Last 10,000 Years...

This lesson plan will show students how estuarine research reserves improve our understanding of interactions between human cultures and estuarine systems by using a case... study of the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserves.
(pdf, 272 Kb)
Features: Lesson Ideas

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