Deep Ocean Currents: Links for Students

Variations in a Salty Ocean

This investigation explores how ocean water may or may not mix. The results may surprise you! This is a student-directed, self-paced investigation with numerous graphics.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Inquiry Materials 

Abrupt Climate Change: Are We on the Brink of a "New Little Ice Age?"

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute presents a comprehensive look at North Atlantic Ocean currents and how they might be related to "Ice Age" climate conditions.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Thermohaline Circulation

Wikipedia is a collaborative effort of contributors. This site addresses thermohaline circulation and four important sub-topics: upwelling, downwelling, currents, and hydrothermal circulation.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Misconceptions 

Coastal Upwelling

Can upwelling occur on the New Jersey coast? Sure! View this animation and explanation of how upwelling occurs.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

NOAA Learning Objects - Ocean Currents

Through a narrated slide show with motion graphics, students learn about deep and surface ocean currents and their global impact on weather, climate, and human activities. The activity includes as online quiz.
Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Core Content, Misconceptions 

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