Energy in the Atmosphere: Links for Students

Global Surface Temperature Distribution

This resource is a brief primer on temperature distribution on Earth. It includes explanations of important concepts, including heat transfer, specific heat, and albedo.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Global Climate Animations

The University of Oregon provides this collection of animations in global energy balance, temperature, global water balance, atmospheric circulation, and more.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Surface Radiation Research

While the majority of information accessible from this NOAA Web site is rather technical, it does provide a student-friendly sunrise/sunset calculator and a solar position calculator.
Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

Examining Surface Temperatures Via Infrared Images

This animation allows the user to examine the changes in infrared radiation (heat) on Earth from 1990–1992.
Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia

Variations in Global Temperature

Students can explore some of the variables that affect temperature in this multimedia lesson. The lesson is self directed, but it could serve as a basis for group discussion as well.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment, Inquiry Materials

Heat in the Atmosphere: A Quiz

A brief online quiz on heat in the atmosphere.
Features: Online Interactivity, Assessment

Earth's Energy Budget

Students can explore the concepts of balance and equilibrium as they relate to water resources in this activity. Expand their view of water in a bottle to water supply on Earth.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Assessment

The Oklahoma Meteorological Survey presents basic information on the Earth's energy budget. Follow the training materials link to case studies of severe weather events.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Assessment, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials

A quick, graphics-intensive look at the Earth's energy budget.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Solar Radiation Learning Module

This Web site includes a solar radiation learning module, study guides, PowerPoint presentations, tutorials, and practice quizzes to help you learn more about solar radiation.
Features: Assessment

Understanding the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Blackbody Radiation

Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences provides an introductory understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and blackbody radiation.
Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

Solar Radiation Quiz

A quiz on solar radiation.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Career Information

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