El Niño/La Niña: Links for Students

NOAA's El Niño Theme Page

Information, predictions, forecasts, analyses, and links are available on this award-winning Web site.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia 

USGS Information on El Niño

The United States Geological Survey provides a collection of information that discusses the effects of El Niño most relevant to USGS: landslides, floods, and coastal hazards.
Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Project

This NOAA web site has El Niño data and graphics. Data and charts are available and presented in an accommodating format.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

How Does El Niño Affect Infectious Diseases Worldwide?

In this brief report, get a sense of how El Niño affects weather and may also alter the incidence of infectious disease. The relevant information begins on page 4 of this document.

El Niño Sea Level Rise Wreaks Havoc in California's San Francisco Bay Region

Discover the effects of El Niño in even a short period of time.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

NOAA Learning Objects - Ocean Currents

Through a narrated slide show with motion graphics, students learn about deep and surface ocean currents and their global impact on weather, climate, and human activities. The activity includes an online quiz.
Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Misconceptions

Can We Blame El Niño for Wild Weather?

When the Pacific is unusually warm near the beginning of the year, certain events are more likely to occur. How can such widespread phenomena in different parts of the world be connected to the same event? Find out more here.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources Inquiry Materials, Misconceptions

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