Weather Prediction Technology: Links for Teachers

NOAA's National Weather Service JetStream Web site - An Introduction to Doppler Radar

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the type of radar images available, how radar works, and the timeliness of image reporting.
Features: Graphics/Multimedia

GLOBE: Educator's Corner

This site gives teachers the ability to plan useful learning activities for their students. You will find information on teacher workshops, teacher resources, learning activities, standards, and assessment.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Assessment, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials

Franklin's Forecast

Be your own neighborhood weather forecaster with Franklin's Forecast, an online exhibit about weather forecasting. Build your own weather station, learn about today's sophisticated weather technologies, and check the weather right now.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources, Ask an Expert, Inquiry Materials

Weather Wizards - Building a Weather Station

This site provides step-by-step instructions for creating components of a weather station as well as the reasons for such activities. The site links users to other useful application sites.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials

Using Visualization Tools to Study the Atmosphere

Gain a better understanding of the forces that influence our weather and climate using visualization tools developed for use by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program. These tools include weather balloons, mounted weather stations, radiometers, and vertical cloud radar.
Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials

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