Predicting Severe Storms: Links for Students

Community Hurricane Preparedness

Learn about hurricanes at this site: how they form, how they are named, the damage they do, and how meteorologists try to forecast them.
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Use this tutorial to learn about hurricanes - how they form, how they move, and their impact on human activity.
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Severe Thunderstorm Climatology

The National Severe Storms Laboratory estimates the likelihood of severe weather hazards in the United States using three primary datasets: Total Threat, Animated Loops, and Annual Cycle Maps.
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Understanding Storms and Fronts

Look here to find a series of links to articles published by USA Today on the weather. This page includes information on air pressure and weather, fronts, how storms form, and types of storms.
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Live Weather Images

You will find everything from weather images to live weather cams. An interactive weather link lets you calculate wind chill factors and temperature.
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Tropical Twisters

Tropical twisters come from hurricanes. Satellites and "Hurricane Hunters" allow scientists to study and monitor hurricanes and other climatic events.
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Hurricane Storm Surge

Find comprehensive storm surge information in the form of maps, graphics, pictures, and explanations. Begin exploring the most devastating effects from a hurricane storm surge.
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Eye in the Sky: Nature's Fury

Extreme weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes often bring misery and destruction. Satellites help scientists understand the forces behind natural catastrophes and mitigate their effects on humans.
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