Careers in Weather: Links for Students

National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL): Forecasting Thunderstorms

Are you interested in a career in meteorology? Find out how thunderstorms can be predicted, and how scientists at the NSSL forecast the weather.
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Careers in Atmospheric Research and Applied Meteorology

Explore questions about careers in meteorology to learn about the natural forces that shape weather and climate.
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Stanley Czyzyk, Hurricane Hunter

Stanley is a meteorologist and a flight director working aboard NOAA's hurricane airplanes. Find out how he became a hurricane hunter and what you need to do to become a meteorologist.
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Solar Events

Solar events cause geomagnetic storms that can affect many things here on Earth. These events can interfere with radio transmission, satellite reception, and airplane communications. These storms can be predicted.
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Atmospheric Science Careers and University Listings

Use this page for more information on career opportunities in meteorology.
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Article: Storm Chasers Motivated by Quest for the "Perfect Data Set"

To track down tornadoes scientists travel widely during periods of severe storm weather patterns. Go on the road with a storm chaser looking for the perfect data set.
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Atmospheric Scientists

This page provides a detailed description of atmospheric science careers, including qualifications, working conditions, and potential employers.
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