Careers in Weather: Links for Students

National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL): Forecasting Thunderstorms

Are you interested in a career in meteorology? Find out how thunderstorms can be predicted, and how scientists at the NSSL forecast the weather.
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Careers in Atmospheric Research and Applied Meteorology

Explore questions about careers in meteorology to learn about the natural forces that shape weather and climate.
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Stanley Czyzyk, Hurricane Hunter

Stanley is a meteorologist and a flight director working aboard NOAA's hurricane airplanes. Find out how he became a hurricane hunter and what you need to do to become a meteorologist.
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Atmospheric Science Careers and University Listings

Use this page for more information on career opportunities in meteorology.
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Article: Storm Chasers Motivated by Quest for the "Perfect Data Set"

To track down tornadoes scientists travel widely during periods of severe storm weather patterns. Go on the road with a storm chaser looking for the perfect data set.
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Atmospheric Scientists

This page provides a detailed description of atmospheric science careers, including qualifications, working conditions, and potential employers.
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