Weather and Food Production: Links for Students

What Is Meant by the Term Drought?

A drought is defined as a period of dry weather that lasts long enough to cause a serious imbalance in the resources of a particular area. Lack of rainfall sufficient to produce food can bring communities and countries to their knees.
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Global Warming - Impacts

Changing regional climates could alter forests, crop yields, and water supplies. It could also affect human health and animals. Explore the impacts of global warming on a variety of ecosystems.
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Natural Hazards - Crops and Drought

Agricultural disasters may not be as dramatic as a volcanic eruption or a hurricane, but they are the most damaging. Many different weather events can trigger crop failure including floods, heat waves, cold snaps, and severe storms.
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EPA Global Warming: State Impacts

Click on your state to learn more about local climate variability. There is a discussion about the impact of these changes on human health, ecosystems, and agriculture.
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Exploring the Environment: Global Climate Change Module

This site asks students to complete an Earth systems analysis for one of two scenarios addressing the effects of climate change on crops.
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African Science: Dry as Dust

Scientists believe that dust storms in the Sahara Desert are interfering with rainfall, which would increase drought. They use satellite images to support their theory.
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