Case Study: Storm Watch - Knowing What To Do

Timeline: 2 class sessions

Marine Biology students at Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala, Florida, used these online resources to understand severe weather safety. They used the extensive information on the included Web sites to research types of severe weather, safety tips, and the impact of a storm on humans and the environment. From their research they created a public service announcement (PSA) to demonstrate their understanding of these concepts.

In the first class session students used NOAA’s Severe Weather Safety Guide to research an assigned storm. The students spent one 45-minute class period working in groups and answering the provided questions pertaining to their storm. These questions included

  • What is the greatest danger?
  • What should you do?
  • What shouldn’t you do?
  • Is the weather condition caused by a thunderstorm?
  • What are the weather conditions?

After students collected information from the Web site, they worked again in groups and spent the next class period on a PSA applying their knowledge of severe weather. The students used the information from the Web site to create their report. Certain factors they had to take into consideration included:

  • Overview of the storm
  • Safety tips
  • Dangers
  • Causes of the storm

Once students completed their PSA, they presented their information to the class, and the final reports were posted in the classroom. After the assignment was completed, group members evaluated each other’s participation in the project.

After all the presentations were completed, the students were led in an open discussion about general severe weather safety. Students pulled safety tips from each storm to help create an overall safety plan for all severe weather.

These online resources gave students the opportunity to further expand their knowledge of severe weather. Through their research and construction of a public service announcement, all students were able to fully explain how severe weather is formed and how to stay safe in a storm. The NOAA severe weather safety tutorial and online resources were excellent supplements to our curriculum, surpassing the information included in our textbook.

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