Classifying Estuaries: Links for Students

Puget Sound Circulation

Is the flow of water in an estuary different from the ocean or a lake?

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Classifying Estuaries by Water Circulation

Scientists classify estuaries based on their water circulation and geology. Learn about the five major types of estuaries: based on water flow salt-wedge, fjord, slightly stratified, vertically mixed, and freshwater. Great animations!

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Classifying Estuaries by Geology

Estuaries are often classified by their existing geology or their geologic origins. The five major types of estuaries classified in this way are coastal plain, bar-built, delta, tectonic, and fjord. View animations to learn more about each of these.

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Tides Animation

The gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun affect the Earth's tide on a monthly cycle. This page's animated graphic illustrates this phenomena.

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Massachusetts Tide Charts

Find predicted tidal conditions for each of Massachusetts's 6 regional areas.

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