Monitoring Estuaries: Links for Students

How Scientists Monitor the Health of an Estuary: A Tutorial

This series of animations and visualizations explains why scientists monitor estuaries, and what parameters they use to measure water quality and weather patterns in and around estuaries.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources, Inquiry

Monitoring Estuaries

This site provides information on the National Estuarine Research Reserve System and how its health is constantly monitored.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

San Francisco Bay and Delta

This page compares the San Francisco Bay and Delta area of 1848 with that of 1994. It discusses effects of freshwater flow, effects of contaminates, and wetlands processes.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Solve an Estuary Mystery

Imagine that something is wrong with your local estuary. Be a sleuth and use this page to solve an estuary mystery!

Features:  Online Interactivity, Assessment 

Tidal Water and Habitat Quality Monitoring

What exactly is being studied when organizations are "monitoring" an estuary like the Chesapeake Bay? Find out why water quality is important.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

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