Cultural Traditions: Links for Students

RiverVenture: An Estuarine Virtual Tour

Developed for students at the 6th-12th grade level, RiverVenture is the story of South Carolina's cultural and natural landscape as told by its rivers. Click on the “Three Rivers” link, and take a historical look at development along rivers in Columbia, SC. Click on “The Estuary” link to travel the last part of the Cooper River in Charleston, SC ending at the terminal point of the watershed: the Atlantic Ocean.

Features: Interactivity, Graphics/multimedia, A Bit of History

The Watermen

People who make a living by fishing, crabbing, and oystering on the Chesapeake Bay are called watermen. Most are independent fishermen. Discover who these unique people are and what their life is like.

Features: A Bit of History

Black Men, Blue Waters: African Americans on the Chesapeake

These interviews provide a glimpse into the lives of Sam Turner, Wilson Cannon, and William Wallace. These men represent three generations of black watermen on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and their collective memory spans much of this century.

Features: A Bit of History, Career Info

Archaeology & The Bay Region's Native Americans

Native Americans didn't leave a written account of their occupation of the Chesapeake Bay, but they did leave a record. Read about their past, present, and future.

Features: A Bit of History

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