Protecting and Restoring Estuaries: Links for Teachers

Prince William's Oily Mess: A Tale of Recovery

How does an ecosystem recover from a major one-time insult such as an oil spill? Read about the Exxon Valdez oil spill's effect on Prince William Sound. Then use real data to help investigate the impact of the disaster.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment, Data Sources, Ask an Expert, In the News, A Bit of History, Inquiry Materials

Repairing Damaged Resources: Fix It!

In this lesson plan, students will learn about ways that people contribute to coastal resource restoration. They will also learn to identify invasive species, discover why they are a problem, and learn what can be done about them.

Features: Lesson Ideas

Restoring Natural Resources: SAV Me!

This lesson plan focuses on why submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) is important in coastal ecosystems, and how SAV can be restored in areas where it has been depleted.

Features: Lesson Ideas

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