Protecting and Restoring Estuaries: Links for Students

The Future: Managing, Protecting, and Restoring Estuaries

During the last century, millions of acres of estuarine habitats have been destroyed; many more are in poor health and in danger of being lost. Find out what is being done to protect and restore these valuable ecosystems.

Salt Marsh Restoration

The salt marshes of Narragansett Bay are critical habitats threatened by poor resource management and neglect. Learn about salt marshes in general, and what "Save the Bay" is doing to restore the marshes in Narragansett Bay. Roll your mouse over the "Restore" button at the top of the page, then click on the link to "Salt Marshes."

Chesapeake Bay Habitat Conservation, Protection, and Restoration

The Chesapeake Bay habitat is under tremendous pressure. Find out what is being done to maintain and restore this valuable resource.

Chesapeake Bay Coastal Program

This site presents information about the Chesapeake Bay Coastal Program, the first of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife coastal programs established to conserve coastal resources.

Industry Faces Uncertain Future

Scientists fear that the introduction of zebra mussels is causing a disruption in the Great Lakes food web. This site explains how this is happening.

California's Wetlands

This site provides a general overview of wetlands. In addition, it contains information on the value, management and protection of California's wetlands.

California State Water Resources Control Board

The California State Water Resources Control Board site provides state and regional water reserve, as well as documents and links to databases and information on ongoing programs.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Data Sources, Misconceptions

Snakeheads - the Newest Invader

Recently a nonnative, air-breathing, freshwater fish known as a snakehead has invaded parts of the Chesapeake Bay. Find out more about this unique fish and what is being done to eradicate it.

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