Natural Disturbances: Links for Students

Estuaries - Where Rivers Meet the Sea

Discover the fragility of estuaries, the diversity of animals and plants, and learn what estuaries provide for their inhabitants.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Create an Ocean Weather Forecast

During summer months, coastal upwelling can have a major impact on the water conditions along the beach. Monitor changes to the ocean surface using real-time data and see this impact for yourself.

Features: Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment, Data Sources, Ask an Expert, Inquiry Materials

Natural Disturbances to Estuaries

Estuaries are fragile ecosystems that are very susceptible to disturbances. Natural disturbances include winds, tidal currents, waves, and ice.

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Hurricanes: Foul Winds or Fair?

Although hurricanes are clearly destructive, in the long run they can also have positive effects. Read about the positives and negatives of hurricanes on the Louisiana coast.

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Hurricane Impacts on the Coastal Environment

Hurricanes and extreme storms elevate sea levels. This is known as storm surge, and can cause extensive shoreline erosion and other geologic effects. Read how these processes affect shorelines such as the barrier islands of Louisiana.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

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