Invasive Species: Links for Teachers

Lesson Plans in Coastal Ecosystem Science

Click the Life Science "button" and then scroll down this page to find a series of lesson plans that address coastal ecosystem science topics for students in grades 9-12. Students discover how invasive species, drought, and climate change affect life in coastal ecosystems.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Work Together

Nab the Aquatic Invader

This wonderful interactive Web resource explores invading aquatic plants and animals. Students take on the role of detectives gathering evidence to "book" the invasive 'criminals'. Excellent teacher resources.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment, Ask an Expert, Career Info

Invasion of an Exotic Species: Stop the Zebra Mussel

Zebra mussels are spreading toward the mid-Atlantic states. Where and how will they most likely invade Virginia? How can the zebra mussel invasion be controlled? Students use real data to design action plans to help prevent the invasion.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Assessment, Data Sources

Alien Invasion!

In this lesson plan students learn to identify invasive species, discover why they are a problem, and learn what can be done about them.

Features: Lesson Ideas

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