Invasive Species: Links for Students

Industry Faces Uncertain Future

Scientists fear that the introduction of zebra mussels is causing a disruption in the Great Lakes food web. This site explains how this is happening.

Solve an Estuary Mystery

Imagine that something is wrong with your local estuary. Be a sleuth and solve an estuary mystery!

Features: Online Interactivity, Assessment

Snakeheads - the Newest Invader

Recently a nonnative, air-breathing, freshwater fish, known as a snakehead, has invaded parts of the Chesapeake Bay. Find out more about this unique fish and what is being done to eradicate it.

Invasive Species: Quietly Changing the Face of Our Planet

These aren't invaders from other worlds but unwitting travelers — organisms we have moved, by design or accident, from one region of the world to another. What is the cost they are exacting on our ecosystems? What can we do to stop the invasion?!

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